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Vision & Mission

Hotel Room



To be a leading Food & Catering Institution that contributes to the society and the business world through development of skilled manpower, grooming leadership & entrepreneurial talent and research.


We have set-out to develop dynamic workforce trained in the field of Hotel Management and Catering Technology who would be future leaders for the hospitality industry. To achieve this, we have put together a team of committed and expert faculty from the hospitality sector who would train its pupil in essential industry relevant skills and knowledge.

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  • To develop globally competitive, high quality professionals through intensive training with the help of latest curriculum in Hotel Management and Catering Technology.

  • To create intellectual capital relevant to today’s evolving hospitality and service sector.

  • To faster a world view that promotes diversity, inclusion and ethical participation in the interconnected world of Hotel Management.

  • To forge meaningful partnerships with the industry and academic, government & social sector as well.

  • To create sustainable business that is built to fulfill the collective needs of various stakeholders and the society at large.

  • To continually promote a culture of academic excellence benchmarked to the best institutions in its peer group.

  • To bring exposure to the students in the technical field as well as development field by organizing awareness TAP and PDP seminars.

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